Endocrine (pregnancy) Masterclass ZOOM 8th+15th October

Thursday 8th July 2020

Zoom code ending 592

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Charing Cross Hospital, W6 8RF


Genomics morning on the same zoom code: 
FRCPath and Metabolic Medicine Training morning
10.00 – 10.45pm. Genetic approaches to parathyroid disorders (Prof. Fadil Hanna, Oxford)
10.45-11.15 pm. Personalised medicine in diabetes. (Shivani Misra)
11.20-11.50 Ellen Thomas (genomics England) - Genomics in the NHS overview
11.50-12.20 Clara Cieza-Borrella (St George’s) - Cell free DNA
12.20pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback.

Fortnightly (approx) sessions in Endocrinology.  Click here for previous recordings.
Some of these will start with a calcium and metabolic bone session by Alex Comninos: 
Alex's Osteoblast. (aka Osteoporosis; your questions answered).

Registration Fee: FREE.

Programme for 8th Oct:

1.30pm Registration.
1.45pm – 2.20pm. Thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy. Balancing risks. (Rochan Agha Jaffar)
2.20pm break
2.25-3.00 pm. Prolactinomas in pregnancy. Thirty year experience. (Stephen Robinson)
3.00pm break
3.10 – 3.45 pm. Hypocortisolaemia in pregnancy. Major risks untreated (Miles Levy)
3.45pm break
3.50 – 4.20 Imaging the pituitary in pregnancy. A guided tour of the pituitary in pregnancy (Bryn Jones)
4.20pm break
4.25 – 5.00. Calcium disorders in pregnancy Calcium and vitamin D (Jeremy Cox)
5pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback.

Endocrine Disease in Pregnancy (2) (15th Oct)

1.30 – 2.00pm. Monitoring pre-existing diabetes : Appropriate information can make a big difference (Rochan Agha Jaffar)

2.00-2.20 pm. Retinopathy and pregnancy : Find and treat progression (Esther Posner)
2.20pm Montgomery : Share all relevant information. (David Gable)
2.40pm break
2.55pm - 3.25pm Screening and diagnosis of adverse outcome. Consider the whole picture. (Stephen Robinson)
3.25pm - 3.40pm Contraception after pregnancy complicated by diabetes. Consider post partum (Becca Scott)
3.40pm break
3.55 – 4.25 pm. Obesity and diabetes Balancing maternal glycaemia, weight and weight gain (Steve Hyer)
4.25-4.50. Delivery date and diabetes. No specific data (Sheba Jarvis).
5pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback.