Journal clubs

Perioperative Dexamethasone for N and V and its use in adrenal patients (M Abdel-Malek) (10th June) youtube
Thyroid ultrasound and BMI cutoffs and ethnicicty (Mohsin Siddiqui) (3rd June) youtube
Oral octreotide (Natalie Vanderpant) (13th May) youtube
Once weekly insulin for T2DM (Shaila Khan) (6th May) youtube
Plant or animal based diet (Rebecca Scott) (29th April) youtube
Kisspeptin (Bijal Patel) (22nd April) youtube
Hydrocortisone or placebo during pituitary surgery (no difference) (Pei Eng): (25th March): zoom     youtube
Lipoprotein (a) in cardiovascular disease (Wei Yang) (18th March): zoom
Tertiary adrenal failure in rheumatology patients(Debbie Papadopoulou): (11th March): zoom
Hyponatraemia due to cortisol deficiency and hypopituitarism (10th March 2021) Grand Round:  youtube
Anti IL 21 to preserve beta cells (Parizad Avari) (4th March): zoom
Testosterone for type 2 diabetes (Hessa Buharoon) (18th Feb 2021): zoom
Prednisolone replacement for primary adrenal failure (17th Feb 2021) Grand Roundyoutube
Pituitary Apoplexy (Ambreen Qayum) (11th Feb): zoom
Low pm cortisol does NOT predict adrenal insufficiency (Vijay Ramadoss) (4th Feb): zoom
Single cortisol criteria for adrenal insufficiency (Sirazum Choudhury) (Luke Boyle's paper) (28th Jan): zoom
Cases of effects of dexamethasone on glucose in COVID  (21st Jan): not available on public site
Managing diabetes in times of COVID guideline and discussion (14th Jan): zoom
Empiric determination of replacement doses (of pred and HC) 10th Dec (Sirazum Choudhury): zoom    youtube
Predictors of response in prolactinomas 3rd Dec (Bernard Freudenthal): zoom
Journal club on lipid guidelines 26th Nov (Julia Kenkre): zoom
Journal club on setmalanotide 12th Nov (Layla Thurston): zoom
Grand Round 11th Nov (Saira Hameed, Sanjay Purkayastha and Tricia Tan): Hungry for change: zoom
Journal club on Emergency Hypoglycaemia in a diverse population 5th Nov (Chuck Uduku): zoom
Grand Round 28th Oct: The sweet smell of success: The use of SGLT2 inhibition in renal disease: mp4 
Journal Club on drugs for thyroid eye disease (Suhaniya Samarasinghe and Vickie Lee, Thu 22nd Oct): ZOOM
Grand Round on Cushings (Karim Meeran, Risheka Walls and Saira Hameed, Wed 21st Oct): ZOOM
Grand Round: The ambulatory pneumothorax pathway (Laura Gleeson and Richard Turner; 30th Sept): mp4
A summary of the ADA 24th Sept (Dr Suliman): mp4 file
Journal club: spot urine versus 24 hour collection for 5HIAA. (Endocrine Connections; Ahmed Moolla, 17th Sept). zoom
Clinical cases ICLDC (Sept 15th, Mohamed Suliman with a 5 year follow up): mp4

Journal club: Cortisol response to major stress. (JCEM; Shamaila Zaman,10th Sept; suggest IM as good as IV and perhaps do not need steroids on induction of anaesthesia). zoom

Journal club: Osilodrostat for Cushings (Lancet D & E; Ibiyemi Ilesanmi, 3rd Sept): zoom

Journal club: Diet vs Gastric bypass (NEJM; Sophie Clarke, 27th August): mp4 file

Journal club: Functional TSH receptor antibodies in Graves (stimulating and inhibiting bioassay) 
(JCEM; Manish Modi, 20th August 2020): mp4 file.

Journal club: Do we really need IPSS to diagnose Cushing's disease? (JCEM; Dr Yong Ling; 13th August). mp4 file
(No journal club on 5th August due to new staff)
Journal club: Glucocorticoid excess in phaeos (JCEM; Dr Zeeshan Yasin, 30th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: Effect of a late dinner (JCEM; Dr David Hope, 23rd July 2020). mp4 file
Grand Round: Racism-the hidden pandemic (Dr Karen Joash, 15th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: Surgery for prolactinomas (Sanas Mohamed, 9th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club ICLDC: (A summary of the ADA online: (Dr Mohamed Suliman) 7th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: GLP-1 and glucagon (Kleo Alexadiou, 2nd July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: Cortisol and COVID (Ed Mills, 25th June 2020). mp4 file

Grand Round: Achieving fatherhood "without sperm"- oxymoron or alchemy? (Dr. Sanas Mohamed, Mr. Tharu Tharakan, Mr. Suks Minhas, Dr. Channa Jayasena, 24th June) mp4 file

Journal club: Maria Phylactou (18th June). mp4 file
Journal club: Restricted carbohydrate diets in type 1 diabetes (Becky Unsworth, 11th June 2020). mp4 file
Journal Club: Update and new treatments for thyroid eye disease (Vickie Lee. (4th June 2020). mp4 file
Grand Round. Assessments during the time of COVID-19 – remote but not distant? (Amir Sam). mp4 file
Grand Round. Endocrinology: Food, sex and money (Risheka Ratnasabapathy). 11th May 2020. mp4 file