Journal clubs

Journal club: Cortisol response to major stress. (JCEM; Shamaila Zaman,10th Sept; suggest IM as good as IV and perhaps do not need steroids on induction of anaesthesia). zoom

Journal club: Osilodrostat for Cushings (Lancet D & E; Ibiyemi Ilesanmi, 3rd Sept): zoom

Journal club: Diet vs Gastric bypass (NEJM; Sophie Clarke, 27th August): mp4 file

Journal club: Functional TSH receptor antibodies in Graves (stimulating and inhibiting bioassay) 
(JCEM; Manish Modi, 20th August 2020): mp4 file.

Journal club: Do we really need IPSS to diagnose Cushing's disease? (JCEM; Dr Yong Ling; 13th August). mp4 file

(No journal club on 5th August due to new staff)

Journal club: Glucocorticoid excess in phaeos (JCEM; Dr Zeeshan Yasin, 30th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: Effect of a late dinner (JCEM; Dr David Hope, 23rd July 2020). mp4 file

Grand Round: Racism-the hidden pandemic (Dr Karen Joash, 15th July 2020). mp4 file

Journal club: Surgery for prolactinomas (Sanas Mohamed, 9th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club ICLDC: (A summary of the ADA online: (Dr Mohamed Suliman) 7th July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: GLP-1 and glucagon (Kleo Alexadiou, 2nd July 2020). mp4 file
Journal club: Cortisol and COVID (Ed Mills, 25th June 2020). mp4 file

Grand Round: Achieving fatherhood "without sperm"- oxymoron or alchemy? (Dr. Sanas Mohamed, Mr. Tharu Tharakan, Mr. Suks Minhas, Dr. Channa Jayasena, 24th June) mp4 file

Journal club: Maria Phylactou (18th June). mp4 file
Journal club: Restricted carbohydrate diets in type 1 diabetes (Becky Unsworth, 11th June 2020). mp4 file
Journal Club: Update and new treatments for thyroid eye disease (Vickie Lee. (4th June 2020). mp4 file
Grand Round. Assessments during the time of COVID-19 – remote but not distant? (Amir Sam). mp4 file
Grand Round. Endocrinology: Food, sex and money (Risheka Ratnasabapathy). 11th May 2020. mp4 file