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Wolfson Education Centre, Hammersmith Hospital
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8.30am         Registration & Coffee


8.55am         Welcome and Introduction

                     (Fausto Palazzo, Karim Meeran & Waljit Dhillo) 


Session 1:   Hyperaldosteronism (Chair James Ahlquist)


9.00am         Hyperaldosteronism: making the right diagnosis (and getting the correct side) 

                     Prof Mark Gurnell (Cambridge University)


9.30am         Adrenal vein sampling for Conn’s syndrome – is it necessary?

                     Prof Karim Meeran (imperial College)


10.00am       International Guest Lecture 1.

                    Conn’s Syndrome: Are we operating on enough patients & are we doing it correctly. 

Prof Menno Vriens, Utrecht, Holland.                   


10.30pm         Clinical Case 1 

10.50am        Coffee Break


Session 2:     Multidisciplinary Endocrine Surgery (Chair Prof Tricia Tan).

11.20am       Endocrine tumours in the chest and how to remove them.

                       (including thoracoscopic PTX and ectopic  ACTH removal).

                      Mr. John Anderson, Hammersmith Hospital. 

11.50am       Parathyroid carcinoma.    

                     Mr Fausto Palazzo, Hammersmith Hospital


12.20pm       Clinical cases (2, 3)

12.50pm       Lunch & Poster session

Session 3:   Phaeochromocytoma (chair Aimee di Marco)

1.50pm        Why and how to block phaeochromytoma patients for surgery.

                    Dr Hilary Bridge (Oxford)


2.10pm         Hammersmith International Guest Lecture 2:

                     Breaking news in Phaeochromocytoma surgery!

                     Prof Martin Walz, (Essen Germany)


2.50pm         Coffee break

Session 4:  Primary Hyperparathyroidism (Chair Dr Emma Hatfield)

3.10pm         The NICE guidelines for pHPT: what should we be doing?

                     Prof Neil Gittoes (Birmingham) 

3.40pm         Imaging in first time parathyroidectomy: Help or hindrance?

                     Mr David Scott-Coombes (Cardiff)

4.00pm        New frontiers in imaging in re-operative parathyroidectomy

                    Tara Barwick (Charing Cross Hospital)

4.20pm         Clinical cases (Chair James Ahlquist)     


4.20pm         Z004 (OC4): case 4

4.35pm         Z005 (OC5): Case Report: case 5

4.50pm:        Z006 (OC6)

5.00pm         Close and Feedback

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