Our Services



The staff of combine together to form a world-class clinical, academic and teaching unit. This section serves to introduce you to important members of the team.

Endocrinology and Diabetes care are dependent on a team approach. With this in mind we plan patient pathways which seamlessly incorporate physicians, surgeons, oncologists, investigative services and specialist nursing staff. Multi-disciplinary sub-speciality meetings are regularly held to discuss patient management.


 Endocrine Services

We covre all areas of Endocrinology.  Patients from all over the UK and from overseas are also referred for our more specialist services. Some of our available services are described within this section.

 Diabetes Services

We provide same-day consultation for newly diagnosed symptomatic hyperglycaemia and appointments within a few working days for urgent complications. We work closely with the community providing integrated services and have a number of members of the multidisciplinary team work in primary and secondary care.

 Obesity Services

We offer a specialist service for patients with co-morbidities due to obesity, with expertise in lifestyle, pharmacotherapy and the surgical management of obesity. We also offer a specialist service for patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome.