Friday 7th December 2018             MAP                  Abstract Book
Wolfson Education Centre, Hammersmith Hospital
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8.30am        Registration and Coffee
8.50am        Welcome and Introduction: Mr Fausto Palazzo, Prof Karim Meeran and Prof Waljit Dhillo
Session 1:    Genetics and Endocrine disease
09:00           Phaeochromocytoma – Which genetic tests & why? Scott Akker (St. Barts NHS Trust)

09:30           When to do genetics in Primary HPT: Prof Jeremy Turner (Norfolk and Norwich)

10:00           Clinical Case 1       

10:15           Clinical case 2


10:30           Coffee Break

Session 2:     Metabolic Medicine and Surgery. 


11:00          Obesity Surgery vs Medical Treatment: Who Gets What and what is to come?:

                   Prof Sir Stephen Bloom (Imperial College). 

11.30          Obesity surgery: the surgical options, technique and morbidity Mr. Ahmed Ahmed

11.50          How to avoid morbidity in Endocrine Surgery. Prof David Scott-Coombes (Cardiff).

12:15          Lunch & Poster session

Session 3:    Personalised Medicine & Surgery 


13:15          Hammersmith International Guest Lecture:

                         Endocrine Surgery in 2018: Precision Medicine :Prof Frederic Sebag (Marseille, France)

13:55          The role of T3 in The hypothyroid patient. Prof Colin Dayan (Cardiff University)

14:30          Clinical Case OC3


14.45          Coffee break

Session 4:   Endocrinology and Pregnancy revisited (Chair: James Ahlquist, Southend).


15:00          Thyroid hormone supplementation in pregnancy (Sheba Jarvis)


15:20          Hyperparathyroidism & Pregnancy Mr Fausto Palazzo (Hammersmith Hospital.

15:40          Clinical case  OC4

16:00          Clinical case OC5


16:15          Clinical case OC6

16:30          Feedback and Close

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